We offer:

  • A 1 hour personalised family assessment; incorporating nutrition, physical activity and emotional well-being
  • Followed by 8 sessions which provide you and your family with health and lifestyle advice
  • These sessions consist of weekly 90 minute group sessions with other families

Our lifestyle sessions are designed to be interactive, hands on and most importantly, fun!

  • Physical activities include:
    – Dodge ball
    – Playground games
    – Crazy cricket
    – Rounders
    – Indoor football

All family members participate in these sessions, which are full of energy, laughter and team spirit!

  • Each session is divided into two parts; one hour education and lifestyle advice and 30 minutes of physical activity
  • Education weekly topics include:

– Eat well plate
– 5 A-DAY
– Portion sizes
– Understanding food labels
– Sugars in soft/ fizzy drinks
– Physical activity
– Meal routine
– Social eating
– Healthy cooking
– Snacks

  • At the end of each session we will help you set goals that you can work on as part of your journey
  • Followed by 10 months of month group support sessions or face-to-face reviews at 3, 6, 12 months to keep you and your family on track.